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About Car Repair for Winter

ith shorter days and darker nights, it is time to think about your car’s winter health. A routine maintenance regime following the manufacturer’s recommended auto repair services standard is best. Regardless of your geographic location, mountain and desert regions alike require a winter check-up.

Dark and Stranded

It seems to always be at the most inconvenient time that batteries can die without warning. Professional auto repair services, however, can detect a weak battery. Corrosion from posts and cable connections can indicate issues, but re-tightening all connections and keeping the surface clean will help prolong battery life.

It’s dark when the bulb burns out, so check all the lights-front and back. Have the tires been rotated? Replaced? Worn tires are extremely dangerous on winter roads. The correct tire pressure insures a longer life, but remember to inspect the sidewalls for damage and record miles and age of the tires.

Rough Ride

Existing problems such as rough idling, hard starts and stalling, are much worse during the cold weather months creating reliability issues and reduced engine performance. When auto repair technicians add fuel de-icer to the fuel tank it helps keep fuel line moisture from freezing. In conjunction with a new air and fuel filter, the engine burns less gasoline and runs more efficiently. Surprisingly enough, many owners neglect the oil and oil filter change that is
essential for engine longevity.

Fire and Ice

Coolant is not just for summer. Flushing and refilling the radiator is vital. During the winter, mixing antifreeze with water will save the radiator from freezing. This entire system should be maintained including the belts, clamps and hoses as part of your winter auto repair maintenance. The extreme summer temperatures become winter’s extreme. Wiper blades also take a beating during the summer. Be sure to purchase rubber- clad blades for ice build-up on the
windshield. An ice scraper under the driver’s seat is handy too.