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Receive Automotive Repair Possible

When you take your vehicle to an auto shop, do you end up paying for things that really didn’t need fixing? Is the automotive repair on your vehicle performed on a trial-and-error basis? How can you figure out what the problem may be if your car won’t start, or if it happens to stall in the middle of an intersection? The first step in receiving the best automotive service possible is to make sure you receive the correct diagnosis of the problem.

There are a couple of ways that you can help your automotive repair technician know where to start looking for a problem. This will help eliminate the extra costs of repairs that were done in the process of trying to pinpoint the problem, but didn’t fix it. Consider these two simple tips:

  • Know Your Vehicle – Pay attention to how your vehicle normally responds so you can notice when something isn’t right. What you see, hear, feel, and smell are important indicators of problems.

• Write it down –Jot down the issues you noticed so that you can describe the symptoms in concise and descriptive terms. If you try to rely on your memory, it is easy to overlook an important symptom of problems.

There are several common problems areas in vehicles that you should give special attention to, such as

  • brakes (worn out pads, drums, or rotors),
  • no-starts (bad battery, starter, fuel filter, etc)
  • suspension (failing shocks and axles, lost wheel alignment or balancing)
  • strange noises (rattles, ticks, grinding, and crunches)
  • dashboard warning lights (check engine light flickers or stays on)
  • transmission (jerky or stiff shifting, fluid leaks, odd smell, lack of response)
  • muffler and exhaust system (loss of power, smoke from the muffler)
  • A/C system/heating unit (air coming into the vehicle is either too warm or too cold)
  • electrical system (bad spark plugs, combustion problems)

Remember: You can help your automotive repair technician make the correct diagnosis the first time and receive the best automotive repairpossible, saving yourself hours spent in the auto shop and keeping your dollars in the bank!